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22 June 2011

Abstract Horse Painting Woven Horses by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

WIPE OUT  Woven Horses
With so much scraped paint, I played on the canvas one more time and then Terry scraped it and washed it clean for me. I hope today my replacement paint arrives from Asel.

SOLD for DP but truly a WIPE OUT.

28 x 42 inches Oil on Canvas 
   © Laurie Pace   Graphics One Design 1998-2011    


That was easy to predict.  WIPE OUT.  Only I do not see my definition on WIKI.  I scanned the entire page and did not find anything like "scraping or doing away with" . Even if it was doing away with one's self or one's painting...surfing or painting.

Do we 'wipe out' in life as well?  I found stories of pollution wiping out ocean life... and that life on Mars was wiped out from a nuclear catastrophe 180 million years ago.  More segments on America's TV show Wipeout and German Wipeout Racing Games along with the creation of artificial life with a synthetic cell that could wipe out humanity? I do not think so.

All of this reflection over wiping out a canvas... or maybe I should say WIPING CLEAN a canvas. I rather like the feeling of 'wiping clean'.  It gives hope where as 'wipe out' does not.  Wiping clean gives an option to cleanse or wash away the unneeded. It allows room for good and growth to build. It gives you an opportunity to begin again.

That is what I hope today if my paints arrive from Asel Art. I want to begin again on my painting. This was a huge first for me... so part of me is anxious to see what will come of a new start. This canvas has seen life already and felt the buildling of layers. The surface is not new... it is used, but it is as clean as it can be.  Could it be a masterpiece?

Perhaps that is something to reflect in life... wiping clean your slate and beginning again with God.  He loves us so much that He provided a way for us to step into His grace and light by receiving Jesus in our lives. When we do that we begin again with a clean slate.  Could you be a masterpiece?

Sometimes I wish we could do that with relationships here on earth.  Humans carry such large burdened rocks that they are unable to being again. Many times repairs cannot be made in relationships because to wipe it clean means to forgive and forget and begin again. Heavy rocks not discarded weigh down the earthly journey.

Much thought for you not wipe out but wipe clean and begin again...with God and with those you love.


“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1 NIV

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