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25 March 2011

Horse 1 Spring Race Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Equine Artist Laurie Pace, Going my way?

Spring Race Horse 1
8 x 10 inches  SOLD   Oil on Canvas

    © Laurie Pace  Graphics One Design 1998-2011  
A thickly painted horse abstract painting created with Holbein Duo Oils and a palette knife.  Learn more about using the knife in your art 
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 Going My Way?

I am  not even sure there are many hitchhikers left on the roads today. The few I have seen truly look like they are traveling cross country. As a child when we traveled from Dallas to St Louis, I remember often seeing hitch hikers with their thumb in the air and that "Going my way?" expression.  Of course my dad never stopped. We didn't have room in the car with three kids even if it had been in his heart.

Pondering thoughts bring visions of God waving His hands in front of me trying to get me to STOP... and then asking 'Going my way?'.   I am always too distracted to pay attention and that is where things begin to break down. I am probably NOT going His way.

When we NEED Him we are crying and pleading and begging for help... and in truth, He has never left our side. He is always there with you, and if you do not recognize Him it is because you have no relationship with Him. Even at those times when believers fear He has left them, He has not.  He is constant and steady.

In a whisper this day, or a casual voice, ask Him, "Going my way?" Then stop and share why that is so important.  You are not speaking to nothingness, you are speaking to Him and He is listening with full heart and ready to walk with you.

  “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” - Romans 6:23 

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