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12 January 2011

Spring Dahlia in Progress, Flower paintings by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Spring Dahlia in Progress'
20 x 20  Oil on Canvas

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It was way to cold to work in the studio yesterday. It never got above 24 degrees outside and I have six floor to ceiling windows and a large glass door that are on the northwest side of the house. BRR.  So I chose to paint on my small easel in the den. Have not been able to convince Terry to build a fire but maybe he will change his mind today.

He is already out early this morning walking Paddy the dog.  I declined the invitation to join them as right now it is 16 degrees outside. I am not sure I seek warmth and comfort because it is so cold outside, or if that is just part of being human.  What physical things would make you comfortable right now?  I am smiling at my warm fuzzy slippers and my big furry robe.  If I were a coffee drinker I would have a cup of that steaming in my hands....maybe I will make some hot tea.  Let's add a roaring fire for a comforting thought this morning and maybe breakfast with mom. That sounds even better.

We all have our own ideas of comfort food and comfort situations.  We have something even better in the comfort of God in our lives. He is a constant reassurance of light and love in our lives. No matter what we face in life He is more than any comfort ideas you can dream up. Turning to God in prayer you will true love and comfort.  He will take you into His arms and hold you tightly enfolding you close to His heart.  God's love endures forever.
"I am with you always, to the end of the age." Matthew 28:20

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Julia Kulish said...

O my, can't wait to see this one in it's finished state - it is incredible right now! I love the colors that you are using!

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