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08 January 2011

The River Horse Paintings by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'The River'
24 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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There is not much to blog... the KIDS are here from Dallas. I promise to blog more after they are gone. They will only stay through today as there is a winter storm advisory in place from midnight tonight on through late Monday.  We have a forecast of 90% chance of sleet and snow.  It was 80% chance of snow last night but this morning they changed it to  90% and sleet mixed with the snow.  The kids were all staying until tomorrow afternoon but I told them they were leaving late today.

Terry and I will bundle up, light the fire and pray we don't lose power. 

My thoughts to you:

 Your words affect people much beyond what you realize.  The thoughts that you think and the words that you speak outloud have tremendous power.  You have expectations when you open your mouth to share thoughts, commands or sentiments.  You influence everything around you by your positive or negative words or inflections. You cannot even predict the outcome of words you speak.  Please use positive thought and influence for those around you. Be kind and be conscious of thinking positive thoughts and by doing that, you will be happier and you will light the light for others.


"The Kingdom of God is within you."  Luke 17:21


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