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29 January 2011

Dancing in the Leaves SOLD at the Dutch Art Gallery. Equine Art Horse Oil Painting by Texas Contemporay Artist Laurie Pace, "My Peace be with you." Pray for peace around the world.

'Dancing In The Leaves'
30 x 40  Oil on Canvas

SOLD at the Dutch Art Gallery on Friday! Thank you.
Pam left a message on my phone yesterday that Dancing in the Leaves had a new home! I am thrilled and pray that the new owners enjoy the energy and colors in this dynamic painting.
God is good. All the time, God is good.

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We arrived home late yesterday afternoon.  Paddy was happy to see as was Ms Vicki.  I love coming home to the trees and the quiet of the lake. Yes we are pretty far out here, but I love it.  

We had lunch with my Dad and brother Bill yesterday and enjoyed catfish and hush puppies. For those of you from the north, hush puppies are little corn breads in spheres that are deep fried.  Yeah, it was all off of our diet... we didn't eat much. I ate one hush puppy and my fish and LOTS of salad.  We also hit WHOLE FOODS for organic vegetables, fruit, tilapia, salmon, and my lactose free Horizon Milk. Can't buy it anywhere local. Bummer... so two coolers handled the fish, milks, yogurts and cheese.  Also picked up my favorite nitrate free German Summer Sausage.  They are forecasting more snow and sleet on Tuesday. We already slated to make sweet potato soup with German Summer sausage and onions.  
Why is my mind stuck on food?  Probably because we didn't really eat when we got home last night and I am starving right now!... Fast blog and in to make some scrambled eggs rolled in tortillas.

World news... I feel like I missed so much when I sat down last night and watched the rioting in Egypt. It is world away and yet we should recognize the dominoes that may fall around us from what is happening around the world.  We cannot physically do one thing to affect what is happening in Egypt, but we can express pure love and pray for world peace.  Many times in the bible when dissension occurred, Jesus would say, "Peace be with you" . When you feel overwhelmed  or moved to worry with what is happening in the world, we must learn to repeat as a mantra, PEACE BE WITH YOU.  

Keep the peace in your heart and your home. Let the love light from this shine into the lives of other you know. His Peace is available to anyone that is ready to believe. It is only through calm thinking that we can truly grasp situations around us as they unfold.  Bless others with the light of your inner peace.  Pass it on to others in need.


"Jesus came and stood among them and said, 'Peace be with you." John 20:26

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