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26 January 2011

Commissioned Painting First Communion, Figurative Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Tiger Bark and Two Year Olds, Wait upon the Lord

'First Communion'
18 x 24  Oil on Canvas
Commission  SOLD

I am finishing this one up, working on the lighter skin tones. I started it last year and found it today in a box.  It was suppose to be there before Christmas...but it will make it in the next few weeks.

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Stacey told me Tink was a very impatient little girl. Well you would be as well if you were getting ready to turn age two.  Those Terrible Twos have set in on our precious Granddaughter. Stacey was more than a handful as a child and if she can expect 10 times more than she gave me... look out for one impatient stubborn little Tinkerbelle.  This was her first of whatever candy this is. Surprised me because Stacey and Larry are very careful what they give her to eat.


How is your patience?  Are you an easy 'waiter' or a nervous pacing 'waiter'?  God often calls upon us to wait on things. We seem to think they should be NOW and not later. It is truly hard to stop and wait for anything these days.  Living in the country does slow you down a bit and I have learned to relax and not press issues.  If we wait on things we are often clued into a deeper meaning of what is going on around us.  Awareness comes with the waiting.  Stay open and wait upon the Lord.  Relax and breathe and be steady.  Affirm to Him that you are indeed waiting.  While you are waiting spend some time reaffirming the greatness He has provided for you and acknowledge your trust in Him for the right cue as to when to proceed and what to do.  Be confident He knows and He will light the way. True joy is often found in these 'waiting moments' or 'waiting hours'.  Relax give yourself a break today. Put God back in charge. 

It works in most cases, but maybe not always with a two year old.  Her Mother made TIGER BARK on her blog... JUSTPLAINSWEET.  Check it out. Looks down right yummy. That must be what little two year old girls are made out of... Tiger Bark.

(My impatience is waiting for the next fabulous Laura Frantz book to be published! I am rereading her second book right now...she is an incredible author and I highly recommend her books.)


"For the Lord is a God of Justice; blessed are those who wait for him." Isaiah 30:18.

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