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17 November 2010

EXHAUSTED Woman Figurative Oil Painting, Art Deco Painting, Art Abstract Painting, Women in Kitchen Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

24 x 24  Oil on Canvas

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Thinking ahead to the Thanksgiving celebration next week, I remembered back to those previous dinners that I cooked, served, ate quickly, and cleaned up.  This is how I felt.  It is probably strange...even for me but I had the best fun sketching it out and painting it.

We lost another dear family member this week. She has celebrated her 'continuation' day and is now with her mom and dad and her other cousins.  She leaves behind a family that will always celebrate her gentleness.  My aunt was special to all of us. She loved each of us dearly for who we were and was always ready with a hug or a 'good job'.    My memories are of breakfast pastries smeared with butter on top. It was not like they were not sweet enough as they were, but at her small kitchen table I lathered my special pastry with butter.  It was at her house I had my first coffee milk.  My mom would not allow it, but my Aunt did.  I learned she like to sprinkle sugar on her tomatoes and salt on her grapefruit. I followed suit.  She and Uncle were always good about soft ice cream cones as well. They lived in the house they bought when got married, and they lived there for a long long time.  I did not return to visit after they moved out of the house into assisted elderly living. I could not even fathom them anywhere but there at "their house." When I was a wee little girl, she nicknamed me Laurie Boo.  I don't remember why and I remember as a grade schooler I was mortified with the name, but always smiled when she called me by her special name.

Other childhood-young adult memories include running through the sheets and laundry she would hang in the back yard... or sleeping in the basement at their house on an army cot.  I had my first 'smell' memory there...don't laugh... I was in the uncle's special shower in the basement. It was the boy's bathroom. The girl's bathroom was upstairs. It was full up, so  I showered downstairs and when I picked up the soap he had in the shower, it was dial soap.  From that moment on I had a love for smelling soaps...and if it was dial soap, I was home. 
There were Christmases there filled with family, church and if we were lucky a snowfall on Christmas Eve.  Her home was always filled with family, laughter, stories and good food. Those memories will stay with me even though she has left.  She gave to all of us the best of her years here on earth and now we celebrate her life and the special touch she left in each of us.
Make a memory this day... or celebrate a memory from yesterday.


“Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”- Psalm 119:18

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SusanD said...

Hey Laurie, Sorry to learn of your aunt's passing. You have very fond memories. Thank you for sharing them. Blessings, SusanD

Angela Ungren said...

I am Praying for you and your family. Your Aunt sounds so special.
God Bless
Angela Ungren

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