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09 October 2010

'Sheer Grit' continued Painting in Progress Oil Painting of Girl Soccer Player by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Sheer Grit continued'
Sold Commissioned Painting

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A short late blog this morning.  I have been working most of the night on the 8 page spread for  Our first introduction into the art world with the huge support of our artists. There are over 75 international artists participating in the feature.  

Meanwhile yesterday Ken Vaughan, the videographer/photographer departed late afternoon. We spent most of the morning going through voiceovers and retaping certain segments.  I am looking forward and cringing at the same time to see what he comes up with.  The most difficult to imagine is just seeing myself. I was a professional model for 25 years.  Beanstalk thin at 5 ft 9 inches and 115 lbs...all the way to age 52 or 53.  No longer. So having been so thin for most of my life, the heavier body that weighs me down today at forty pounds more is very unfamiliar in pictures.  I know I am the same person inside, but I certainly do not look like her anymore.  

Makes me realize even more this is a different journey right now. I have gone through another door into a new place. Life After Fifty.   Accepting and celebrating good health is the most important right now. Acceptance is always the first place with God... accepting what you have and not always wishing and wanting something different or something more.  I am learning to be thankful for today, this body, this place and this moment.  

Whatever is your nemesis in life, your one thing that you wish you could change... start accepting it this moment as it is. Give thanks for it and take care of it and take care of yourself.  We waste too much time complaining and trying to change things that cannot be changed and worrying about things we cannot change.

Abundance to you my dear friends.

Laurie The Verse

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