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22 October 2010

Appy At Sunrise Equine APPALOOSA ART HORSE OIL PAINTING for sale by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Appy Sunrise'
18 x 24  Oil on Canvas

 This is the first of my Holiday offerings at good prices.

This painting is available. It is for sale and I will take offers through Monday Oct 25th
starting from $199.  Shipping will be included in the final sale.

CLICK HERE to email me with your offer.

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I am late blogging this morning because we were out late yesterday and did not hit bed until almost one this morning. It is just after nine as I am typing away. I was awake briefly at 4, but went back to sleep...but not before I begin to wrap my thoughts around what I wanted to write about this morning.


Thinking about our own conceptions of who we are was wrapped in my brain.  "Self-concept is simply what you understand about yourself. It differs from self-image because it involves your social abilities and character, physical appearance and body image, and thinking. " We seem to have preconceived ideas about who we are and this is founded in our early years in life in how we are treated and how we respond to others around us at that time.  Your self concept was easily identified on this site.  Your 'self concept' is not your self image or your self consciousness.  It includes things like your body image or physical appearance, your social character and your abilities and how you think.  Your feelings about things affect your self concept. This includes your religious beliefs. They shape who you are as well.   

* How you see yourself physically (body image)
* What others think of you or what you perceive them to think of you
* What you think about your personality
* Your status
* The kind of person you think you are
When you did deeper into breaking this down on the social level are you shy, confident or assertive and friendly?  (Terry is a mixture to me of assertive and shy...quite the contradiction, but he is that too... often a contradiction.) I think I was born with the confidence gene from both of my parents.  If you tell me I can't accomplish something I will prove you wrong... to a fault I am afraid.  Better to be wise and make good choices about things.   

Next look at pessimism or optimism. Is the glass half full or half empty?  Terry's is ALWAYS half empty. He is pretty negative which contradicts his laughter and his jovial side. Yes, another contradiction.   I am the rose colored glasses person.  He told me that was my epitaph "She always wore rose colored glasses".  

Then that elusive word of HAPPINESS.  I am happy and content... I cannot speak for him...but he seems more relaxed living away from the city and NOT going to work at the airport every day.

Seems like your physical appearance is a huge factor in your self concept. Wish it were not but it is.  Are you tall, short, fat, thin, handsome, old, balding, etc.   This has been a huge battle for me. My entire life I was pencil thin... at 5ft 9 inches and averaging 125 pounds.  Five years ago this weight increased 30 pounds.  I do not appear "heavy", but being older and having this extra weight makes me feel pretty unhappy about my appearance. I have not adjusted to not being thin.  The aging part has not bothered me because of my love of art... and the belief that life is a journey and all stages of life are to be celebrated.  So how do you view yourself?

The important part is can you change your self concept?  I think your religious beliefs play a huge part in this.  Your outlook and reactions to everyday life support your attitudes, your moods, your values and your beliefs.  Learning to not engage in negative thinking does wonders. Believing with full trust the God has you in His grace and care eliminates much of your concern to 'worry'.  Looking to the higher power for the inner power and peace,  to be confident and live your life to its fullest is keyed in on your relationship with God. Letting go and Letting God and not trying to over control your life.

Take time to look at yourself in the mirror today. Talk to yourself.. you are important as God created you. You are special not only to Him but to many others in your life. You are deserving of the best in this lifetime. Learn to love yourself the way God made you.

On a side note we were at a Republican Rally yesterday and heard Texas State Attorney Greg Abbott speak.  The thing that stuck the most with me is Greg Abbott is in a wheel chair. He was injured by a falling oak tree while jogging in Houston a while back.  His lead in statement was things happen in life and challenges come before us... we cannot let them define us. 

“A man finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word!”- Proverbs 15:23

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