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09 September 2010

Dallas Texas City Oil Cityscape Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

4 ft by 8 ft  Oil on Canvas
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I am actually blogging on Wednesday night and will post it automatically tomorrow morning as you read this.  

We made an error and filled up with fuel at a station that obvious did not have good fuel.  We made it about an hour or so from there and the car stopped.  We were in the middle of nowhere in Dublin, VA.  After two hours of patience we tracked down a tow truck and were towed to Blacksburg to THE BUG SHOP.   That is where the car is now. The tow truck driver was very nice and dropped us off at the Marriett where we await word of the car.  Not sure of alternate plans.  God's hand is in this because there was a huge wreck on the 81, the highway we were on.  The weather today was HORRIBLE, treacherous, and dangerous. Rain, rain and more rain made it difficult to see and truckers were literally doing over 85 mph in the driving rain. We saw NO hwy patrol out at all.  So we know not what the morrow will bring, but we know He has His hand in this. 

Last night I felt totally weak and tired and worn out and amazed and thankful for Terry's ability to drive on to get us out of bad weather last night. We woke to it totally overtaking us this morning and just set out on a pace to make Chambersburg PA... which we only made about 300 miles... about 250 short of our goal.  We have 650 miles to make by Friday at 2 pm.... so what will be will be.

We are going to head to the hot tub, come back, shower, eat some cheese and fruit and go to bed.  The bug shop is due to call tonight about 8pm.  If it is just fuel, they said they will have it fixed. If they do, we will head out with the sunrise. If they don't... we will be here in Blacksburg and probably renting a car to finish the trip back up to NY.   

Terry is threatening to sell the car.  It may be part of the equation.   I sincerely appreciate the kind notes as we travel. I pick up emails on my Iphone but have to wait till evening to do my computer stuff.
Keep us in prayers.

I spoke with Vicky and we did get about an inch or more of rain and more is due tomorrow. Our kids in Dallas have been in watch of flooding water as the Trinity River is hitting a high crest soon. Was a small hurricane but brought much needed rain to Texas. 

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”- Psalm 143:10

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