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16 September 2010

'Collecting Shells' New York City Crystal Charity Ball Girls on the Beach Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Collecting Shells'
30 x 40  Oil on Canvas

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 We spent the night in Memphis last night. We had decided to stop in Jackson TN but every single hotel was booked.  So it meant continuing on at 9 pm for Memphis about 80 miles away. We arrived about 10:20 and fell into bed by eleven.  I felt so bad for Terry  as the truckers are thicker than bees on honey on interstate 40 and they are doing an avg of 80-85 mph with NO state highway patrol around.  It was extremely stressful.  

I was able to have Justin locate a Marriott for us to stay in near the Memphis airport... and from this very comfortable bed, I am blogging this morning.  We have about six and a half hours to go and we have to stop in Mt Pleasant to pick Paddy up. ... and maybe some groceries somewhere to take home.

We are both excited to pick up our dog. We have not seen him in 9 days.  LONG time.   There is much to do computer wise at home to finish up the books and postcards for Artists of Texas and our upcoming show as well as updating the site.

Then I will be painting and new pieces will be posted.  I had email from a woman at the law firm in Boston that used my artwork last year on their Holiday Card. She brought it all into perspective for us and we will cherish this trip and remember the goods and bads of it all in the years to come. It is most definitely one of THOSE trips. God has provided everything we need in His time every day.  We have not been with out even last night when there were no rooms in Jackson TN.  We pushed on and the trip today will be pretty easy in comparison to the last two days.    I thank her for her kinds words and her emails which brought us back to focus and breathing again.

ALSO found out yesterday why three of my collectors had NOT received their paintings.   Sheriff Paul picked up boxes on the front porch and took them inside the house.   Made it difficult for Fedex and USPS to do their pickup last week.  BUT I found the missing work.   

May your day be blessed to be a blessing to others.


Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”- James 3:13

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