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28 June 2010

Blue Boy Acrylic Glazes Equine Art Contemporary Horse Painting by Texas Artists Laurie Pace

'Blue Boy' 

12 x 12  Acrylic on Canvas

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The Painting: This was the first one I worked on the glazing. First it was sketching and a mono print process onto the canvas surface.(That needs practice for me) and then the glazing layers of color in a dreamy like application.

Life at the Lake: Yesterday was Sunday and we made church and then home for scrambled goose eggs.  Yes, you read right, scrambled goose eggs.   I posted a picture above showing how the goose egg stacks up against XL eggs. Those other eggs are not small ones, but large ones.  The front left egg is actually a green egg.  Color is off in the picture.  Different kind of hen laid those.  The goose egg is snow white.  It is equal to at least two regular xl eggs, or three L eggs. I cannot eat a whole one.

The Thought:  Do you remember as a kid all those stories our parents told us? I know I didn't pass some of them on to my kids because they frightened me too much.  Especially the one about the wolf blowing down the houses of the three little pigs.  We had just moved to Texas and tornadoes were quite scary to a 4 or 5 year old.  There was also the Henny Penny story about the Sky falling... and Terry thought I should add about the cow and the spoon and the moon, but that is not the direction I am going!

First of all the three pigs and the wolf were in a book from 1843 entitled Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Tales byJames Orchard Halliwell-Phillips. Such a frightening story for little ones as it is about three pigs growing up and finding it is time to leave home and they are out in the scary world fraught with danger and negative things surrounding them. ( I assume there might have been in Dallas.)   The first pig builds a house of straw. When the wolf comes he blows it down and eats the pig.  The brother of that pig, pig number two, builds a house of sticks.  Again, the wolf woke up hungry and in one good breath he blew down that house and had pig for supper again.  The third pig built his house of hard bricks. When the wolf shows up and finds he can't blow down the house, he attempts to trick the pig by scooting down the chimney, but the wise oldest pig put a pot there and as the wolf descended the pig covered the pot, lit the fire and had the wolf for supper.  

I was told there were many versions of this, one in fact where the first pig runs from his blown down house to this brother's stick house and when it is blown down they both escape to the brick house.  This avoids death in the story making it more palatable for little ears and minds.

The Sky is falling is the Henny Penny (aka Chicken Little)  story where she runs around after being hit with a falling acorn, convincing everyone in the forest the sky is falling and they must escape and run quickly away.  All the woodland friends believe her and they follow her. (We all know chickens run around in circles, right?) So the foxy is at the end of the line slowly devouring the woodland creatures... all the way up to eating Henny Penny.  Again there are different versions of this one too.

In the Goose that laid the Golden Egg, the couple with the special goose was surprised with the eggs of gold laid daily. Their greed day after day convinced them they should kill the goose and get a massive amount of gold from the inside of her.  Of course when they did that, she was just a normal goose inside...there was no gold.

What are the moral of the stories here?  In the pig story once you get past all the violence, I think the message is a good foundation and walls for life is the best. Trying to hurry through things is not the strongest way to prepare for life.  

In the Henny Penny story, I was blown away by one of the Wikipedia answers that if you want to accomplish destruction, convince the dumbest person of a happening and they will convince the intelligent individuals. The intelligent people know the dumb person is too dumb to make it up. The other moral is to have courage, not to be the 'chicken' but to have courage when that acorn falls on your head. Don't listen to everything you hear. Seek the truth.

In the Goose story is a bit easier to think about with the moral of that story.  Greed destroys people and their lives. Secondly, you should think before you act and do something stupid. Third, when you keep wanting and wanting you end up with nothing.  
In life we must learn to be content and thankful for what we have at this moment.  We need to plan ahead when we can and we need to build good foundations in our lives with God.  Trusting Him we would know the sky will not fall on our heads, and if the wolf is at the door, God will surround us and protect us. As far as the Golden eggs?? I would rather have my eggs scrambled golden yellow. They are definitely healthier that way.


"But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete." Luke 6:49

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