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21 April 2010

'Prepaint Appy' Appaloosa Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Prepaint Appaloosa

no DP

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The Painting:  I continued taking progressive shots with this painting.

The Thought:  I promised the tale of the TOTO toilet...not for little ears.

It is a very telling tale of the TOTO toilet.  When we moved in here we knew immediately we had to replace the toilet. Not only is it a Potty in a closet (Which is not needed) it was the smallest miniature potty I had ever sat on, and that includes Steve's sailboat toilet.

So we did our normal thing and ordered a TOTO toilet from Kitchen Kings in Dallas. We have been buying appliances from them for over 12 years now.  We ordered the same one we put in the last house and it is taller for our taller height.  Morgan was so good to pick it up for us and bring it out last weekend.  He and Terry unloaded it from his truck to the garage for later installation.

Terry noted that box was taped shut, but he was not worried.  On Sunday afternoon he broke down the box and took out the toilet and the lid and then realized he was missing pieces to attaching the new lid to the new TOTO toilet.  He was grumbly about this because new toilets do not come missing pieces.  New toilets and covers simply do not have a lot of pieces.

We drive 25 min to Lowe's and pick up pieces for him to make into whatever it is we are missing. It is now dark on Sunday and he decided to wait and start the project early Monday morning.  We get up as normal, eat and get Leah to meet the school bus and he comes back to start the potty installation.  He noted immediately the toilet looked used.  Not necessarily used as in bodily used, but that a lid had been attached as it had the markers from it on the surface.  He thought maybe it was a display or something.  He came in and ask me about it and had me come look.  It seemed suspicious at best.  I offered to call Bob Jones at Kitchen Kings, but he told me not to worry, he was going to install it anyway.  He had already taken the mini toilet out and the water was off and there was a hole in the bathroom waiting for the new toilet.

As he turned the TOTO toilet over to carry it in...low and behold there is still a gunk donut attached on the bottom of the toilet.  Not what is your thought on this?   We cannot drive five hours to Dallas round trip to try and get another as it takes Bob overnight to get these things from his distributor.    Terry decides he will install it but now he is ready to speak to Bob.  

I did not hear the conversation, but TP told me Bob was calling the distributor and would call us back.  This was almost 48 hours ago and still not a call back.  We will try and reach him today.  This is pretty disgusting.  This is a company we have had total confidence in for 12 years.  

My question of the day, Is this even legal to resell a used toilet?  I guess we will see what Bob says.

What does keep us at peace is this:

Blue Jays and Cardinals at play together.

Blue jay lets Cardinal eat first.

And a sunset outside my studio window

The sunset on the pond...

and the sunrise the next morning.

 Forget the toilets and the refrigerators!  I will chose to live in this moment instead!


Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit.--Luke 12:35

1 comment:

SarahBowie said...

It SHOULD be illegal to sell a used toilet, but it is probably not. Lots of stupid things are illegal but not that. I LOVE your studio windows! Need to see more photos of it, even if messy.

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