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29 March 2010

'Blue Glads' Flower Oil Art Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Blue Glads'
Private Collection

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The Painting: This painting lives in Ohio.  This collector has two beautiful sons that I love to watch grow on their family blog.  Can you tell I met her through painting for her and I am the one gifted with the relationship and loving glimpses into the boys as they grow.

The Thought:  The word grow and spring seems to be appropriate, but I am on the thought of praying to reach out to those that are not near me.  From my sister Jan in Arizona, to the two wonderful growing boys in Ohio, to dear friends through out the United States and even the world, my prayers and hopes reach out to you far and near. To my classmates from the 1970 graduating class of Lake Highlands High School, to my fellow artists from Daily Painters and Artists of Texas, to my dear friend in Virginia and my other cherished friend in Detroit...I pray for you all.

Some one wrote me on yesterday's blog and said they would keep some of their scratches on their 'coffee pots' and she is right as those experiences make us who we are in our journey.  Praying and watching over others as they grow, bump their heads, gain scratches, make crumbs and discover the world, is huge.   When I watch the moon rise in the night sky, and I am saying my evening prayers, I know they see the same light from the same moon.  When the rising sun breaks the dawn, I welcome the day in prayer for them for their day to begin with this joyous light as well.

God's love wraps around us where ever we are and He lovingly greets us with a spiritual connection that crosses through everything...time, space, objects...through everything. He is woven within the fabric of our human body and our spiritual being.   So when I pray for these loved ones, I envision my prayers connecting through God's wrapping around surrounding them.  

My prayer reach out to you too.


"but truly God Has listened; He has given heed to the words of my prayer." Psalm 66:19

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