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20 March 2010

'Against the Wind' 30x40 Large Horse Daily Art Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Against the Wind'

30 x 40 inches  Oil on Canvas

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The Painting:  Rough and rugged and shouts out WIND WIND.. RUN AGAINST THE WIND.
If there is one layer of paint there are at least 8 layers or more.

Here is Mac's finished painting for the contest:
And THANKS to ASEL ART RICHARDSON to Jim for donating the canvas to Mac.

The Thought:   Layers in life.  How many layers do you have?  I remember when I hit fifty it was a WOW moment of realizing how long I had been alive and how very much I had done in my fifty years.
From a tiny child first growing up in St Louis MO... transplanted to the heat and humidity of Dallas at age four... my first shock was living in an apartment complex and bunking in the same room with my 8 year old brother.  Culture shock on steroids between the move and the sharing of the room.

Then layers of years of piano lessons and drawing and painting along with education and my first guitar. Next layers of working as a model print and runway and college and marriage... and more working and traveling to work.  The following layers were having children and working at an ad agency for 10 years and teaching art and music from my home.  After that a layer of getting my teaching certificate and teaching in the Texas Public School System.  Five years was MORE than enough of that layer. Then it was art... art...ART and more ART. I continued to teach at home many young children...watching them grow from age 5 or 6 up to teaching art on their own.  

I am in that layer of really enjoying my painting right now. I paint to celebrate HIM and I paint to enjoy the gift.  I enjoy the journey.  We are now heading into retirement but I will still paint and work.  As we move I will layer in some classes at the new place too. It helps to get to know the community and I will also substitute at the local schools.   Moving to a new community is an entire life changing layer.  

Terry and I both know this is probably our last active layer independently.  In 15-20 years we will have to be closer to the kids and to medical.  I want to embrace this 'layer' openly and spirit led by God.   It is through His Grace we live and serve. ( Our oldest friend and physician is our age from high school... he just welcomed a late in life baby with his 51 year old wife last year.  They then decided to have another and went with implanting eggs. They are having triplets in about 10 weeks... ;)  Talk about layering another major 20 years in child raising... they have my heart and prayers with this undertaking. )

Where has the time gone in my life? I want to do more more more.

 I am not sure where you are in yours...but take a moment and give thanks for the 'layers in your life.'  God is good...all the time, God is good. Go out and live for Him.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”- Galatians 5:22-23

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