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16 February 2010

'Abundance' Roses Flower Oil Daily Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace


24 x 36  Oil on Canvas


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The Painting:  This one is still available and is calling to a heart somewhere!  I will be taking it to the Dallas Gallery this week, but if you are interested now, let me know.

The Thought:  Simple abundance... of heat, light, and hot food.  So much we take for granted every day and now that our power has been restored... we will continue to give thanks for those simple things provided to us without much effort on our parts to have them.  You are always caught up in your day with the challenges of life and you forget to notice the true miracles around you.

We watched on the news that some homeowners were fighting the repairmen to keep them from whacking their trees down.  The trees had grown into the lines or fallen on the lines.  That is routine maintenance for the city...or it use to be before politics got in the way.  The city always came around twice a year clearing trees from lines and now it is rare. That was not helpful with this situation.   Then add angry homeowners NOT wanting their trees cut back and you found police officers riding around with the tree cutters and the repair folks. 

The refrigerator is emptied and scrubbed out along with the freezer.  Have to go buy food today to fill up the empty spaces.  I did wash for quite a while yesterday, so that is caught up, but there is still quite a mess through out the house. Then basic cleaning which will take some time.  In between I have to paint as  I keep reminding myself that is how I make my living.

Thank you for your prayers, love and support which came in abundance.  I want to say BIG THANKS to Scott at CORNER BAKERY at Northpark Mall in Dallas.  Terry and I were worn weary as we walked through his doors yesterday morning.  We were in exhausted shock and could barely function.  The man talked brightly and made wonderful suggestions for our meal and then when Terry pulled out his wallet,  Scott said, "This is on the house. You need to make the best start of this morning and this week and know it will be better today."  As he handed me my Earl Grey tea, tears were streaming down my face.  We had plenty of money to pay for breakfast, but it was the sheer simplicity that someone gave to us at that moment that brought hope back to our slowly moving brain cells.  When we left the restaurant and drove home... we had new hope.   Believe it or not, as we walked through the doorway of the house, the heat clicked on and the lights burned brightly welcoming us into the 42 degrees. 

It took five hours to get the temperature in the house back up to 68 degrees.  It was funny because when it hit 58 I thought it was getting too warm.  The generator that could not power my computer is back at Home Depot. We decided as we move to get a whole house generator that works off propane.
A painful learning process at best.

Praying for abundance as always,


"Open my eyes, so that I may behold wondrous things out of your law." Psalm 119:18


SusanD said...

So glad you once again have power and heat! Thanks for your very kind words. I love your Judy Garland quote. I'm so stealing it. Blessings, SusanD

JustKJ said...

Do not forget that your home owners insurance should cover the food losses--or at least the part that extends over your deductible.

Laura Frantz said...

Laurie, So glad to hear you are being restored again, with power and by angels like Scott! Your painting is just breathtaking!! Am taking my computer in to mom to show her right now...
Bless you for a post full of heart and gratitude!

Betty said...

I missed you. Sol glad you are back. I love starting my day with your bright paintings, your update on your life, and your words from the Lord. Keep on keeping on.

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