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21 December 2009

'Four Black Horses' Music Varnish Overlay Series Contemporary Horse Equine Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Four Black Horses'
9 x 12 inches  Oil on Canvas

COMMISSION Piece for Michael Dutka
in honor of his newly written Opera, Four Black Horses.

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The Painting:  This was created just for Michael in celebration of his newest opera. It is done with my Music Series. It is a wonderful story about four black horses.  One day I will share more about it in a few months, so stay tuned.  On the background is the score from his new Opera performed I believe recently in Delaware.  I was the blessed artist to receive a CD of the opera and a DVD of the performance.
Here is the review:

Michael Dutka’s opera Black Horses and The Stronger were commissioned by OperaDelaware, and performed at Saints Andrew and Matthew Episcopal Church. A winning array of singers handled Dutka’s daunting scores with ease. In Black Horses, soprano Elizabeth Zell sang beautifully and clearly the libretto adapted from Luigi Pirandello’s short story. Tenor Jeffrey Halili sang with a warm tone and possessed a natural comic talent. Alexis Cregger, in her operatic monologue in August Strindberg’s oddball play, was a pure pleasure to watch and hear. Her glorious soprano and prodigious musical talent are sure to lead her far. Martha Koeneman played Dutka’s beautiful, yet difficult music with ease, grace and musicality.

The Thought: Well, the second blog book is done. NO it is not the blog book filled with all of these. If I did that they would cost $287 for a 800 page book of my blog for one year.  So this is a beautiful mini edition of my blogs and artwork in the year 2009.  I chose to dedicate this year's book to my mom. She has been a blessing to so many of us crossing four generations; she is a healer; she is an in action believer and gives of her gifts constantly.  So now you can share in my heART with this year's book for 2010, Treasures of the heart. Just click the link to the left if you want to buy a book.  You will have to email me direct if you want a signed copy.

Today we have Tink I am up early to blog and be ready for her.  She is a challenge as you can tell from the video a few days ago. She is crawling swiftly and walking around the tables.  she will be walking soon....We are still not entirely baby proofed, but we will not let her out of our site.

Is your life "Baby Proofed"?  Actually I should say " Is your life "God Proofed"?  We run around getting our homes ready when we have a baby...putting those plastic things in all the outlets, putting up all breakable things, getting rid of glass tables and nasty carpets, opting for easy clean floors. 

Have you done this in your life? Are you God proofed? Are you ready for God in your take Him in full time?  Did you bless the food before you ate it? Did you wake this morning and greet the Lord with praise and adoration?  Did you thank the Lord when you made it to work on time?  Did you rid yourself of some of those nasty habits that keep creeping back into your life? Did you throw out the old and declare yourself to God to be cleaned?

Hummm, maybe its time to get busy! 


In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.” Luke 2:1, 4-5  

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