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04 October 2009

"Where's My Mama" Beagle Puppy Oil Painting, Dog Art by Laurie Justus Pace

'Where's my Mama?'

5 x 7 inches  Oil on Board

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The Painting:  I am doing some small piece for the show at the Dutch Art Gallery. This is one I sketched out before coming sick and finally I painted it yesterday.

The Thought:    Fighting the fog of sleep and hammering my hand across the nightstand I searched for the phone. The ringer is off in our bedroom but I could hear it ringing from the studio.  My half opened eyeball saw 12:10 a.m. on the clock and my thoughts were rampant by that second. I vaguely remember seeing a familiar phone number as I answered the phone.  It was our youngest son Morgan. 

When I answered "Hello?" He prefaced his first words by saying don't worry I am not in jail, not in trouble, everything is okay....BUT.  Don't you hate those BUTS?  I was wide awake now.  His fiance Kelly was driving home from her baby sitting job and her little yellow Volkswagen beetle broke down.  First you have to realize she is a tiny slip of a girl.  She drives this bright sun shiny VW all over the metroplex ...She has blonde blonder hair and big sunglasses during the day and it is a chuckling site.   But to envision her stranded after midnight in Dallas in her Sunny VW left me not smiling. 

Terry and I were up and out the door in record time taking the BIG BLACK TRUCK.   It is more manly looking than my black diesel Passat. (no I did not get to pick the color of my car; actually I didn't even get to pick my car.)  Morgan's directions sent us scurrying to the Walgreens on a hillside in questionable territory even in daylight hours.  No little yellow VW.  I frantically phoned him back and we then were off to the CVS  in a tiny bit better location, but still not somewhere I would loiter during the day.  There she was parked on the end of the lot where the store told her she could leave her car overnight.  We tucked her safely into the truck and headed home. Terry got to go back to bed, I stayed up with her until Morgan arrived to whisk her back to Lewisville where they live.  I am sure I will probably see them both today.

As I laid in bed at 1:10 a.m. I began doing my "Arlo" breathing, a technique taught to me by one of my best friends. Her husband was in the airforce and I guess he learned how to fall asleep quickly and yes it works 99.9 percent of the time.  As I was breathing and counting I was still thinking for a moment how grateful I was that Terry and I were able to help out even though the hour was not our chosen time to give our help.

God never has our timing even in matters like this.  We could have NOT answered the phone.  We could have slept through the ringing from the other end of the house. God wanted us there and we got up and went.  We have to be ready and flexible to go with Him and ready to serve even after midnight.

Touch your toes this morning and stretch your arms open up to the heavens. Hello? Are you ready to serve?


"Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt His name together." Psalm 34:3

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