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29 July 2009

'Sun Dance' Equine Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

'Sun Dance'

Oil on Canvas
24 x 30 inches

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The Painting: I truly could not get a good picture of this painting. It is one of my palette knife pieces with laid in chunks of thick oil paints...dragged and pulled and gently blended on the touching layer areas. It is heading for NY early next week to one of the two shows in the Finger Lake Region.

The Thought: Much is happening in our own family every day. I know it is in yours as well. Things change in split seconds and our entire lives change course. If you died tomorrow what would happen? If you work for a company... they would hire a replacement for you in two weeks.

What about your family? Would they replace you in two weeks too? I doubt it. I have been writing much lately about ALL of our overworked schedules for both ourselves and our families. We have forgotten about living. We exhaust ourselves rising up early and going late to bed "eating the bread of anxious toil" Psalms 127:2. We seem bent on making a mark in the world around us and as we do we overlook the one investment that matters most, our time with our loved ones. That does not mean time in the car rushing to soccer practice, or to choir practice or to the doctors office.... it means clearly time together living and learning more about each other without a hurried schedule. Our family needs us to set wise examples of life and how to value what God has freely given us. Our example is our legacy.

Our simple actions with our children, spouses, family etc are our investments in the future. Our family (including the Father) is the one worthy thing in our lives that we neglect the most.

What legacy would you be leaving behind?


"Children are a heritage from the Lord." Psalm 127:3

1 comment:

Margie said...

Thanks so much for this valuable reminder!!!
I'm passing these thoughts on to my daughter who has 4 children, ages 8,7,4,2.

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