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15 July 2009

'Playtime' Large Horse Painting by Laurie Pace

24 x 36 x 2 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

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The Painting: Frustration began this painting, but uniqueness finished it. I could not tell you the numbers of layers of paint on this one, but the weave of colors is unbelievable. There is no way for me to photograph what you actually see with this one. Liquetex Heavy Body Acrylics at their best. I am refraining from too many oils right now as the summer heat and humidity are so strong in Texas. 108 heat yesterday.

The Thought: Thaw Malin iii wrote on my Facebook yesterday. We are suppose to be on Vacation. Terry is spending it in front of his computer. I am a bit disappointed as it would have been nice to get away from this heat of 108. Thaw said there is a law that an artist paints better on vacation, so when there is a vacation...the artist must travel and paint. Not sure where it is written, so we have to call it the unwritten law of the artist.

I love the hand-me-down stories and laws of yesterday. Can you remember stories told to you by grandparents or parents? Sometimes I think we dream them up along the way in our lives... and they seem so true. My grandmother has been dead for over 30 years. I can still remember her story of a fire at their home in Germany. Something about her doll burned in the fire and she had to go stay at a cousin's home and they would not share their dolls. Now again, this many not be true, it is a bit of memory fading. I also remember her talking about the family had a candy store in the town of Baden. AND I think I remember that her father died impaled on a hay fork? Egads, where did all this come from... and how would I ever confirm or dispel the memory of the stories?

I am sure the stories in the bible are similar. So many were handed down before they were written. There has been much debate for example on the book of Genesis. Who wrote it? Adam and Eve definitely did not have the time or knowledge to keep a daily diary...and original thought was that Moses wrote the book and was sent the words from God. Today the thought was that he did not write Genesis, but that he compiled eye witness accounts of the characters in the texts of Genesis. Cuneiform Tablets have been discovered that date all the way back to 3500 BC. Adam might have written his own autobiography, or perhaps one of his children wrote it. The same thought with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.... they probably recorded their own accounts and from these written tablets, Moses compiled his first book. All the events took place before Moses was born.

There is much to be gleaned from stories of old. Our family passes on German prayers with our little ones as they grow up. My German version slaughters the German language, but I joyfully slide over the words in my heart still today as they were spoken with every child every night. That was three times a night from the day I brought them home from the hospital. My mom is not big on family history. She lives today for today. As a history major in college, I draw a sense of presence from the past. It brought us all to where we are today.

Would it be good to record some thoughts? I wrote myself a letter in the sixth grade for me to open in my twenties. I had a good laugh but I recognized myself in those precious words of a 11 year old. Terry has all the notes I ever wrote him in junior high... and those are scary from the twisted mind of a teenage girl....but as an adult I have not secured time to journal and this is precious time right now. They say get knowledge as it leads to wisdom. There seems to be a change in the mind and body as you make your way through your fifties. It is a changing of the season of life. As you grow older you draw nearer to God and begin to realize the battle you have waged to be so independent has truly left you weary. Your comfort lies with Him.

Today I will challenge myself to the written word... how about you? Care to leave a little history behind for future generations?


If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and remain in his love." John 15:10

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