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29 January 2009

In the Crowd no 36
Contemporary Art Palette Knife Daily Oil Horse Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 30 x 2 inches of Solid Thick Oils

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"The Lord watches over those who obey Him, those who trust in His constant love... We put our hope in the Lord; He is our protector and our help." Psalm 33:18, 20

Have you ever been squeezed in an over-packed elevator? What about in a stadium for a playoff football game? (Like Texas/OU weekend... I have been twice, and that was enough.) I can understand how trampling over other people happens if you are not careful. We have to watch out for our "neighbor" in the crowd. Meanwhile God is watching over us in the midst of it all.

His unwavering love will continue through the masterpiece paintings of sunrise to sunset, to greet you with new moments and new experiences. Despite the "crowds" around you, He never wavers His watch and His protection. He waits patiently and welcomes your prayers and time with Him. He surrounds you with a world filled with all you need and even more. From the cold of winter to the heat of summer; from the early damp spring and planting of seeds, to the crisp fall and gathering of crops; the thick leafy trees that shade you in the summer and the budding blooms of beauty as flowers cover the fields. He is there in every breath.

Stacey was here yesterday. We had a huge ice storm but Larry had to come into work, and with him, Stacey to be close to the hospital and her doctor. It was hard to stay focused on work while she is here and I would rather be spending time with her. I prepared Terry's mother's recipe for homemade meatloaf, also, homemade Audrey Bread (Our neighbor from Justin Texas makes the best homemade bread), fresh shelled organic green peas and organic carrots, and organic red potatoes mashed with their skins on. I am still full this morning. Chili is on the menu and I have to start it shortly.

All recipes will be posted on my Lakewood Series blog this week.

Stacey will be arriving in about thirty minutes so I have to get hopping.

With unwavering belief of His joy and abundance,


"The earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord." Psalm 33:5

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