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30 December 2008

Brilliant Roses
Contemporary Art Roses Daily Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

5 x 7 Oil on Panel
Contact me to Purchase: Laurie

Yes, I know I did not make it back to the computer yesterday. Stacey is still on bed rest and they ran another test that the results will be back in another 24 hours so real news is tomorrow. Baby is still growing but Stacey actually lost two pounds with her bed rest. This is okay so far since Lauren is still growing. She is over four pounds now. Terry is still asleep. I must type quietly. I went to bed at seven thirty last night and was asleep in ten minutes. I was talking to Stacey on the phone as my eyelids went shut. After nine hours of sleep, I was wide awake this morning. So while he continues to sleep, I am blogging and doing paperwork for shipping.

All the company is gone as of last night. Today is a day filled with wash, wash and more wash. I transferred pictures from the chili party to a slide show and will post that below. After all the good food we did our gift exchange. The hot items were NY grapes in a sparkling Riesling and another white wine I did not catch the label on. Also hot was an original painting and a hand knitted scarf. You could "steal" a gift up to three times and then no more. There were some groans along the way. We missed Carol being there, she was the one that brought the green toilet seat that was so popular!

As we close out this year and the glow is still warming us from the celebration of Christmas, I challenge you to keep the peace and joy of Christmas glowing all year round. Through you and your travels this new year, daily you are able to share that peace and joy with everyone. Christ's love, peace and joy is born every day in each of us. Embrace the gift and pass it on.

We are taught to share from an early age. In the beginning we do not want to share our toys, they are ours. Slowly with patience, our loved ones encouraged us to share and we began to feel the joy of seeing a smile on our playmates face as they gained privileges to our toy box. I am sure some of us puffed up in pride along the way.

Today, as adults it seems it has returned as an issue that many of us no longer share our resources or ourselves with others. The attitude of 'let someone else do it', or 'it is not my business' creeps back into our thoughts. The sinful measure of most of us is the desire to get, not to give. We all want to accumulate not relinquish and most certainly look out for ourselves and not for others. Make this a new habit in the new year; share something today with someone new in your life.

Joy and Abundance,


"I want you to share your food with the hungry and to welcome poor wanderers into your homes. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from relatives who need your help." Isaiah 58:7


Grammie Jan said...

Beautiful, Beautiful posies!

Grammie Jan said...
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