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21 October 2008

Italian Seascape Sunrise Oil Palette Knife Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 48 inches

COMMISSION PIECE...SOLD...still drying on the easel!

Contact me for pieces you might want to give for gifts this holiday. Laurie

This is a huge commission piece I am just finishing up for a collector that already has two of my paintings, a tiny one and a midsized one. This will go in a stairwell on a long open wall and I cannot wait to see a picture of it hanging!

Last night when Terry and I went to bed we were both pretty worn out. He has been hanging new outside doors and of course yesterday we did shipping for about 8 paintings going to their new homes. The economy slow down is affecting everyone right now, us included as the request for new paintings has slowed quite a bit. We are in prayer on our path right now. We absolutely love our home and wanted to stay here until he retired, but it may be more than we can do with the updating it still requires and my income being affected so greatly by the economy. We are thankful our home is in an area where real estate prices have not fallen, but only slowed. I cried when I realized we had nothing ahead to say what or where we would go or do...plan wise. I have always been steady to knowing or gathering enough information around me for us to make a sound decision. We are both weary of moving and staying here is home to us, but obviously not part of God's plan.

It is a bit scary not having a plan and I will have to wait in perfect trust that the Lord knows what is there. Trusting him right now and being obedient to what He does finally ask of us. He will show the path, but the wait may not be pretty. Terry and I committed to each other again the need to allow God to be centered for our family during this time. Our job is to pray and listen and trust and take good care of each other as things could become tense. That usually affects your health and we want to avoid that if possible.

What ever is in your life right now that appears to be a burden or a trial, know it is God's way of strengthening you for the journey. As hard as it is, rejoice in the trial and know you are truly gaining ground.


"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul." Psalms 143:8

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jen said...

Check out Art& if you haven't already! As a great Dallas artist, I think you should be involved in it.

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