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02 October 2008

Horse Oil Painting with Palette Knife by Laurie Justus Pace

SOLD before the paint was set an hour!

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Good morning Friends! It is five forty this morning as I begin this blog. I am determined to finish a painting after I finish this blog! Morgan is still asleep. We have a doctors appointment this morning to change out his dressings etc. around eight. Then he will be painting the rest of the day.

The painting above was one I finished yesterday morning. I knew as I stepped back from it that it was special. I started another to finish today...but yesterday's has such depth to it's beginnings that it is almost alive and breathing with the spirit. Not mine but His that passes through me.
All morning yesterday I emailed back and forth with someone concerning my work and purchasing some pieces. When we finally spoke on the phone, they chose the guitar six pack, a commission piece from Morgan and Through the Mist, a painting destined for Marble Falls this next weekend. I sent them off an email with some other pieces for the show including the one I just finished yesterday morning. He loved it and bought it as well, so the paint was barely on the canvas an hour complete before it found it's home. I love that, knowing when I paint I am painting for a specific home. God has it already in His plan.

The Layering. I want to sit here and see what comes through praying on the words The Layering. When I paint I work in layers of color. Sometimes I work dark to light and sometimes light to dark. OR I could work values to values, or contrast and compliments. Stop this morning and think how God works in our lives in Layers. From the second of our conception the journey here in this life begins. God is layering in little Tink's life right now. Tink has toes, fingers, and a fully formed body that is growing more every day. At the same time God is layering in Stacey and Larry's life preparing them for the birth and addition of this little soul into their family. God gives us nine months to prepare for this event. Usually we do not have that much time to adjust to change, but with a family addition, I guess he felt time was needed. He is allowing us to build in layers in preparation. Tink's foundation will be rooted in the beliefs Stacey and Larry instill in him from this time forward, even before he is born. When they pray together, Larry's hands on Stacey's abdomen, her hands over Larry's, actively including Tink in their prayers. From this moment Layering of the Father has become extensive as Tink is apart of their intimate family circle. As Tink is born, he/she will beginning added experience (more layers) to life. I pray all of these will be surrounded by the strong beliefs in this family to uphold, uplift and embrace this child with the love of God, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

It is never to late to begin layering in your life or the lives of your children. The things you do today matter. The things you do not do today matter as well. Make it all count. There are unlimited possibilites with God.


"Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom for the future."--Proverbs 19:20

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