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06 September 2008

Windows of My Mind
Abstract Art by Laurie Justus Pace 2005

Commissioned 30 x 30 inches

Contact me for commission work: Laurie

Saturday. I am still wondering how it got here! I have much to do today here in the studio in preparation for the show at the Dutch Art Gallery. The show starts on Friday the 12th, which I assume is next weekend, but meet the artist is not until Thursday Night on the 18th. Different but good! I really hope if you are in the DFW area you will come see the show.

The Dutch Art Gallery
10233 E Northwest Hwy #420
Dallas, Texas 75238


Training collar. We bought one for Paddy, Terry's dog. He is a terrier terror to take on a walk. He is into everybody's business and barks at anything that is not human. He truly doesn't bother with people, it is birds, cats, other dogs etc... and he is going to have them for dinner. Walking with Terry has been wonderful this week as we have left the dogs at home. I panic when Paddy is with us because he is a handful. When I walk alone, I have only the good dog Annie, MY DOG. Well we bought a training electrical collar from Petsmart where we took them to get groomed yesterday. They did okay on the grooming, but I do not think they knew what kind of dog they were working on. Usually if the groomer is clueless we get Schnauzer cuts... the cut we got from petsmart is a combo poo-schna kerrie cut. I only took them there because we could get it done so swiftly and they were dirty. Second they don't have to stay in a cage for 12 hours. Dazzle Dog does the best cut but the poor dogs are there sooo long. It is painful for Annie at age 9. So they do not look like Kerries this month.

Back to the new collar. We had visited Billie Bauman in NY this summer who has Fast Eddie. He is a great Dane mix and a wonderful young man/dog. The training collar did wonders for his problems. SO we decided to try it. Terry put the collar on Paddy as we left the grooming station at the back of the store. We had read the directions on how to do it. You start with low shock and move up until you sort of GET THEIR ATTENTION. We reached that at level four out of ten levels. I guess he is not as thick skinned as I thought. But again, his neck is shaved clear right now. We only desperately decided to try this because we could not get the Dog Whisperer to come to our house. Paddy has not been the same since we moved from the country to Dallas.
Last night Terry was able to give commands and Paddy immediately responded and no jolts were given. It will be interesting to see how Paddy does on a real walk this morning.

Today would be a good day to practice being open to change and affirming God's presense in your life. When you are open and at peace meditating, your mind, body and soul are able to renew. Divine grace flows through you and out to those around you. Sometimes you are reluctant about change in your life. Usually this is brought on by uncertainty or fear. Step out in faith for it is from these times you are showered with unexpected greater blessings. We can not in our way ever begin to fully understand the power and the plans the Lord has for us.


"I was ready to be sought out by those who did not ask, to be found by those who did not seek me."--Isaiah 65:1

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