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13 September 2008

Family of Horses Art by Laurie Justus Pace

18 x 24 x 2 inches
Oil on Canvas

Contact me for Pricing. Laurie

Well, the hurricane is on all channels. My brother and mother are going to drive north to Bonham this morning to visit my dad. I am 50/50 on going as I spent the day shopping with mother yesterday and I really need to stick around here and I am not the best car rider in the back seat when driving through major weather. They are predicting the rains to be here later this afternoon. At the rate the storm keeps changing paths, we may not see as much rain here in Dallas at all...but where Dad is, is north east of here and that is in the path of heavier rain.

Last night we dropped by The Dutch Art Gallery after my brother called and said, DID YOU KNOW there is a wine and cheese party tonight? NO we did not. We were sitting at the table eating homemade brushetta, homemade speghetti and meathballs and thick yummy desserts from Henk's in Dallas. I was even miserable when we went to bed last night! The exhibit is nice.

I took these pictures the day they were hanging things at The Dutch Art Gallery.

Yesterday morning BEFORE mother called I was cleaning house. That has to be finished today. I cleaned out some bathroom cabinets as well and tossed many unneeded things. Again thinking on the lines of simplifying life. She wanted to go see the show yesterday, shop at Pier One, and do an exchange at Khols. I bought Stacey some Maternity things at Khol's and at Pier One I am considering a table with some pretty cool chair to put in the dining room. I moved Terry's fifties table from his mom into the breakfast area. Now the kitchen and breakfast room look so nice! I keep shifting things around trying to find the right niches. I also picked up some wine racks for some of the wine we had shipped from NY. Much to do today besides paint and I am more eager to paint than do anything else.

Today would be a great day to encourage someone. When you take that time you begin to actually see their inner divine nature. When you take that time you direct your energy into them and you encourage them to reach beyond what they believe that can do. Your words of assurance can boost new thoughts and new direction and from that new joy.

What can I encourage you to do today?


"For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light."--Psalm 36:9

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