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19 January 2008

A HUG BETWEEN FRIENDS ~ Child and Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

8 x 10 x 2 Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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Still freezing outside and inside. I have issues that I am dealing with on a both a physical and spiritual level. Trying to understand how we will have heat before the ice storm hits on Monday...and all the pipes freeze below the house because we have no heat in the house to keep them flowing. Morgan arrived yesterday about four and chopped down huge bush/trees by the gas meter. Then TP arrived with a jack hammer. Morgan is suppose to return today to jack hammer. TP will cut rebarb when he makes it home at four.

OF course my brain goes entirely a different direction. We are turning Morgan loose with a jack hammer and NO experience... while Terry toddles off to work. ( BELIEVE ME as I watched Morgan trying to do this yesterday and had to remove myself from the window out of laughter and fear rolled together.) Morgan has no jack hammer experience and no health insurance if he gets injured....and has a major second interview for his teaching position on Tuesday. He needs NOT to be injured or ill from working outside in 30 degree weather. HUMMM, then you think about this. The plumber wanted $1400 to do the job. If Morgan gets hurt we have to cover the ER and recovery and him not working. (Remember this is the son that fell off the roof hanging Christmas lights.) If Terry stays home from work the difference if minimal of maybe $250 of pay loss for part of the day. If the pipes freeze under the house over the next five or six days, we have a $2000 deductible on our insurance and then we would face the cost and time of repair. Hummm 1400 or 2000 and more construction....IS this truly another MAN thing again? To quote my husband, "I will take care of this."

Okay so I am suppose to turn this over to the Lord. I know the Lord gave me wisdom as well, but I don't think it holds up against the MAN THING "I can fix this." I laughed yesterday as Morgan knocked on the door and said Terry was leak testing and doing something. In my mind I thought, "Lord, I wish Ben (Terry's Dad) was here. I know he knows what he is doing." In a blink Morgan almost echoed my I said, "Watch out for Terry and you all try not to blow up yourselves and the house." and Morgan replied, "I am not worried, Grampa Ben is here." It was then I heard the familiar whistle coming around the corner of the house. I give thanks for our dear Ben daily.

So my prayer today is for the Lord to guide, guard and protect my son as he takes on this MAN JOB that his father should be home doing. I am sitting here shaking my head NO NO NO....and reminding myself...this is part of a larger plan out of my hands. What can the Lord be this another LORD THING? Well, of course. TRUST FAITH... keep reminding me.
Okay Daily word hits it all today "LET GO LET GOD".... I will trust my creator. I read this all when I went to pick up a bible verse...and as always God is speaking and I must listen...quiet my heart and listen.


“For I will restore health to you.” —Jeremiah 30:17

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