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30 January 2008

Contemporary Modern Horse Oil Painting

by Laurie Justus Pace


I am surrounding by a huge pile of TO DO's on my desk. Not sure if painting or cleaning comes first! I decided to do the blog first. THEN jump in and paint. Then I will clean off my desk. I am trying to get organized.

This is an explosive painting that evolved this weekend. I finished it up last night. Colors pulling in the down direction created a mighty force on the surface. I was working also on a small commission piece of a little one (Dog) named Sugar. I almost have Sugar finished too. My next commission piece is of a young girl playing in an orchestra at the Meyerson. Her Mom sent me pics from home but the ones from actually being on stage are unbelievable.

Terry's cousin Sandra came to visit yesterday. We worked in the plants out in the garden room for most of the day. I prepared pasta and meat sauce with fresh salad and hot bread with cheese, tomatoes and garlic on it! Yummm. Leftovers for tonight! Found a great electrician that works at Lowe's. She came by and checked out our situation. She is going to give us bids for everything. She said the wiring in this house is what they are doing today...but was 40 years ahead of its time. BUT it needs to be updated because the codes were so different. For those that speak the language, it has to do with sets of relays in the attic. The wiring does not go to junctions boxes to the main fuse box, but through sets of relays. This created a spider web of low voltage wires through out the attic. Systems today like this are about $10,000. Too bad this one is almost 50 years old!

Back to the weight loss first. Heard from Kathy. She has lost 23 pounds in the past year and kept it off. She says the change of diet was the main thing. It is easy for her now but she didn't mention the part of breaking the addiction to sugar! HARD. I threw the cookies out LAST NIGHT. I had three during the day. Sort of the parting thing to do. And I did walk but in segments as we had company most of the day. Did you make it through either? The one thing I did yesterday too that I want you to do today is actually two things. When you are sitting or standing consciously hold in your tummy, then release it and do it again over and over. If you are like me, those muscles have NOT been used recently. Secondly whenever you stand anywhere, squeeze your muscles in your bottom together. My kids call it squeezing cherries.... do it. Hold it for about twenty seconds. Work up to holding it for longer periods. IF you have time walk 15 min again. If not just do the isometric exercises of pulling in muscles and tightening them and releasing them. TRY and make that a habit.

Here is a thought to ponder and maybe write down.

If you walk 30 min a day and cut calories by 400, you will loose 5 lbs in 27 days; 10 lbs in 54 days, 15 lbs in 81 days and 20 lbs in a bit over 100 days. My goal is the 15 pounds. Humm, 80 days is almost three months. We can do this. SET a goal and write it down. Switch your mindset from not IF I loose weight, but WHEN I loose this weight. We can do this together for a healthier 2008.

Yesterday I blogged about being a life giving woman. Yeah I know your life is hectic and your days are filled with stepping backwards to face a bigger mountain the next day. I am there too. Healing lies in your faith that God offers all you need in your hands everyday. He provides the courage to step ahead through pain to find healing. It is only when you find that total dependence on God that you are free from so much of the waste in your life. You can not give to others around you until you learn how to open your hands and extend your arms to God and let Him give to you. Can you receive His love and forgiveness? Can you love yourself and forgive yourself for those things buried deep in the past? Today is not about surviving, it is about living. What is your mindset for the day? Are you living or are you surviving, getting through so you can come home tonight, eat, go to bed and start all over tomorrow? As you receive life from the Lord you can turn and pour that life back into others around you and the joy and love will spread. Then you are a life giver.

Today promise me and yourself that you will concentrate on the bible verse I share today at the end of my blog!


"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things." Philippians 4:8

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